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We have been manufacturing polypropylene since 1988 with the Novolen technology.

Our manufacturing plant is located in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina, and our administrative and sales offices are in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Capital City of Argentina.

Polypropylene is a plastic raw material used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products for everyday use and as raw material in other industries.
We manufacture and market homopolymers, impact or block copolymers, and random copolymers under the brand Cuyolen, and special polyolefins used in specific applications under the brand Cuyotec. Both lines form an extensive and wide-ranging offering destined to meet the requirements of the most varied market segments.

Supported by our vast experience both in the Argentine and international markets and by our top-level professionals, we are able to provide immediate assistance on the principle of acquiring an increasing and better understanding of our clients.

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